KINETIX – Trading Solutions

17 November 2015


Kinetix delivers the best of both worlds with our Build and Buy™ product solutions. From the beginning, we built our products to enhance your existing functions and drive your firm's productivity. Each one of our core pre-built components addresses a specific part of your business and will supercharge your mission critical functions covering post-trade applications like trade capture, trade management, affirmations/confirmations, straight through processing (STP) and compliance. We leverage your existing infrastructure so you do not have to compromise between build or buy when choosing Kinetix Trading Solutions.

The component based software approach employed by Kinetix provides our clients with a faster time to market than a full custom-build or wholesale replacement. We integrate existing in-house and vendor systems by design. By leveraging our proven software, along with custom development, we provide our clients with a more reliable infrastructure, predictable costs and on time delivery.

Kinetix Areas of Expertise

  • Fixed Income, OTC Derivatives, Futures, Bonds, Swaps, FX
  • Post-Trade, Front and Middle Office, Operations
  • Regulatory reform & compliance (Dodd Frank Title VII, Volker Rule, Basel III)
  • Buy/Sell side, Investment Banks, Hedge Funds, Exchanges, Swaps Execution Facilities (SEF)

Kinetix offerings:


  • Execute trades in quick ticket format
  • Customize views on all trade blotters
  • Capture derivative events (unwinds, step-ins, step-outs)
  • Simplify workflow with productivity tools (Recaps, CRM, Hit/Miss)

Monaco Compliance

  • Comply with evolving global regulatory requirements
  • Navigate complex business rules with decision tools
  • Dynamically guide users through trade execution / clearing options
  • Seamlessly integrate with existing ticketing / workflow


  • Increase operational efficiency, eliminate manual errors
  • Reduce Affirmation / Confirmation time for IRS, CDS, Bonds
  • Consolidate and track futures matching; Centralize MIS
  • Simplify trade reporting for Dodd-Frank compliance

Bespoke Development & Business Consulting

  • White labeled trader interface and GUI
  • Extend components to meet specific needs
  • Custom built process and automation for regulatory compliance
  • Independent assessment of system readiness and future growth


For further details please contact any of the MThree consultants and they will be able to assist you in any enquiries that you may have.

+44(0)203 006 1403