MThree Consulting sponsor Fraud and Financial Crime Europe Event, 17-18th April, 2018

27 March 2018


MThree Consulting are co-sponsoring the Center for Financial Professional’s Fraud and Financial Crime event in London on the 17-18th April.

The 2 day summit brings together leaders and senior practitioners to discuss practices and technologies that enable effective fraud and financial crime monitoring, detection and prevention.

The event features talks from more than 20 senior fraud and financial crime professionals as they discuss pressing topics including fraud and AML convergence, scams, PSD2, risk appetite, card fraud, internal fraud, data privacy and protection, cyber crime, artificial intelligence, machine learning, robotics and terrorist financing.

Anthony Ginn, Head of Risk, Regulation and Compliance at MThree Consulting will chair the first day’s discussions around:

  • Understanding risks across both fraud and AML disciplines to increase convergence across departments
  • Setting an effective risk appetite framework for fraud and AML in a vacuum of guidance
  • Assessing the exposure to risk and techniques to continually identify and manage new risks
  • Ensuring effective and up to date controls are in place for monitoring and mitigating internal fraud risk
  • Understanding the interactions between cyber crime prevention and fraud prevention in a fast-changing environment
  • Assessing the use of monitoring techniques for effective fraud detection and prevention
  • Optimising transaction monitoring processes to stay ahead of increasing complexity of criminal operations
  • Approaches for handling the increase in different types of scams and ensuring customer awareness
  • Reviewing the identification of false documents and the rise in new technology enabling impersonations

Take a look at the Fraud and Financial Crime Conference website for more info.

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