MThree Consulting hire DevOps expert Conor Delanbanque as Head of DevOps Practice

1 May 2018


Conor Delanbanque joins MThree as Head of DevOps Practice, North America. Conor has extensive experience building DevOps teams globally and has helped multiple startups scale their tech capabilities, as well as partnering with Fortune 500 organisations, transforming their tech culture into collaborative and dynamic centres of excellence.  

Conor is a prominent figure in the DevOps community and speaks regularly about DevOps at industry events across the globe. His articles are widely published and appear on the likes of and

For MThree, Conor will play a key role in strengthening the organisation’s DevOps setup and delivery process. For MThree’s customers, this means greater access to the skills required to complete DevOps assessments and transformation projects.

Alex Headley, MThree Consulting CEO comments:

“With the increasing utilisation of DevOps in the modern business environment, it was time to bolster our practice and increase its breadth and penetration. To help achieve this goal, Conor Delanbanque joins as Head of DevOps Practice and brings with him a unique perspective and extensive experience building and structuring teams”.

Conor adds:

“MThree has the infrastructure and the will in place to address the DevOps skills gap. I’ve been talking for years about the importance of training junior engineers for solving this tech-wide issue. So for me, one of the biggest selling points of joining MThree was that they could train and upskill junior DevOps talent at the MThree Training Academy, put them on a well established development pathway that is the Alumni Graduate Program before deploying them alongside more senior consultants. I’m really looking forward to meeting this opportunity over the coming months.”

Conor will be speaking at the upcoming DevOpsSummit, part of CloudExpo 2018, later in the year.