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We deliver expert technology capability for leading businesses across the globe. Discover more about our current book of work here. 

  1. Production Support at a Global Investment Bank

    A global Investment Bank required MThree's expertise to upscale their Production Support capabilities. Project deliverables included a new incident management procedure because the current monitoring system sent a high number of false alerts.

  2. UX and UI Design for a Travel Technology Provider

    We are assisting the delivery of UX and UI design projects at a global travel technology provider across mobile, kiosk and self-service check-in portals. Working with the Customer Management, GUI, Usability and Design Teams, our consultants are cr...

  3. GDPR Compliance Project at a Global Insurance Provider

    The General Data Protection Regulation comes into effect on May 25th 2018 and applies to all organisations that manage the data of EU citizens. The regulation defines a new standard for data governance and requires significant business and technol...

  4. Data Science at a Global Retail Bank

    A global retail bank wanted us to identify the impact introductory offers applied to their products had on putting customers into financial difficulty.

  5. XVA Desk Development

    We are supporting a global investment bank in Canada to develop their derivatives valuation portfolio systems on the client’s XVA desk in Toronto. The client required a technical resource to extract, handle and then convert the data to improve the...

  6. Application Monitoring

    MThree Consulting conducted a non-functional assessment of one of our client’s key applications to review scalability, stability, and reliability of the application and underlying infrastructure. That project identified a number of specific organi...

  7. Privileged Access Controls

    MThree Consulting are engaged with a Tier 2 investment bank with a strong focus on the commodities market, after initial audits highlighted various findings we found that the institutions Privileged Access Controls were in need of review.

  8. Trading Infrastructure Redesign

    MThree are engaged with a Tier 1 investment bank to deliver a full re-design, configuration and deployment of FX high frequency trading infrastructure and co-located networks across Hong Kong, London & New York.

  9. Equities Market Connectivity Development

    Our client wanted to improve their XETR throlling control mechanism, and integrate new order tracking tags for MiFID II

  10. MiFID II Implementation Programme

    MThree are currently collaborating with a number of Business Change & Technology teams spanning Front & Middle Office at a major Investment Bank in order to assist with ongoing MiFID II compliance. We have supplied a front to back project team, sp...

  11. MThree launches Model Risk Services

    In response to constant changes around the way in which Financial Services companies are required to calculate risk and capital, MThree have developed a range of solutions designed to augment our client’s quantitative horsepower. MThree has access...

  12. Enterprise Risk Management

    MThree are currently collaborating with the Enterprise Wide Risk team at a major Investment Bank in order to assist with ongoing regulatory compliance. The MThree team have been brought in to assist with particular focus on the regulatory stress-t...

  13. MiFID II - Commodities - Cause for concern?

    The recent announcement by ESMA (European Securities and Markets Authority) with the final draft text for MiFID II (Markets in Financial Instruments Directive) gives some serious food for thought to the commodity traders. The commodity dealers hav...

  14. MThree wins major transformation programme bid

    MThree are proud, that following a recent RFP process, to have been awarded Tier 1 vendor status for a major two year business and technology transformation programme. The majority of the work will be delivered on the client's site in North West r...

  15. Multi-location Regulatory Programme

    MThree have recently engaged with the Front Office technology function at a major Investment Bank in order to satisfy ongoing regulatory requirements. We have supplied a front to back project team, spanning multiple client locations, for the Elect...

  16. Stability & Capacity Programme

    MThree have been invited to assist on a Stability & Capacity Programme for an Investment Bank in order to configure and define monitoring solutions and process to enable increased proactivity through support groups. Our team of consultants are rol...

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