Application Monitoring



MThree Consulting conducted a non-functional assessment of one of our client’s key applications to review scalability, stability, and reliability of the application and underlying infrastructure. That project identified a number of specific organisational and technology changes required to make the application, infrastructure and support tools fit for purpose. We then progressed to a follow-on programme to execute the most urgent remediation recommendations.

What We Are Doing

  • Develop a run the bank Dashboard that enables proper support of the application.
  • Technical code & architecture review of the application with a specific focus on fixing the database deadlocking and performance issues which currently prevent scaling the application to meet likely future business volumes.
  • Implement a new engagement model that defines the relationship between run the bank & change the bank. This will involve addressing core issues as to how testing is conducted, how releases are made, and how change the bank is engaged in run the bank support activities.
  • Run the bank documentation does not exist and will be written. Working with developers to change how code is managed and move to automated software testing, the programme will ensure future system scalability, shortened software release cycles, and improved reliability.

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