MThree launches Model Risk Services



In response to constant changes around the way in which Financial Services companies are required to calculate risk and capital, MThree have developed a range of solutions designed to augment our client’s quantitative horsepower. MThree has access to a wide range of niche SME’s with a number of years of industry experience and therefore, expertise. We supplement these experts with proprietary junior talent programmes named Alumni and Alumni Pro, aimed at short to medium term growth of an existing quantitative operation. Our teams of quantitative consultants look at the full suite of risk models including credit, market, operational, accounting and valuation models.

What We Are Doing

We have split our Model Risk solutions into 3 key areas:

  1. Risk Model Review – Undertaking detailed analysis of existing models to assess suitability and appropriateness.
  2. Three Lines of Defence for Model Risk – Model development, model validation and model auditing.
  3. Model Governance – Regulatory compliance and supporting management infrastructure.

For more information on our Model Risk Services offering, either as a Consultant interested in working for MThree or as a client, please email or call 0203 763 3755

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