Production Support at a Global Investment Bank



  • A global Investment Bank required MThree's expertise to upscale their Production Support capabilities.
  • Project deliverables included a new incident management procedure because the current monitoring system sent a high number of false alerts.

What We Are Doing

  • Re-configuring the client’s monitoring systems for EMEA and Japan.
  • Updating the monitoring system for greater accuracy and visibility.
  • Integrating a new incident management system using ServiceNow which investigates issues and finds solutions before escalating them to the development team.
  • Improving communications to traders regarding issue status and post-incident reviews to clearly highlight problem causes and solutions to be implemented.
  • Creating a knowledge base for all support teams using Confluence which contains information regarding new joiner set-up, how the system is used by traders and historical investigations.
  • Automating daily issue reporting to streamline the team’s workload.
  • Reducing false alerts by 60% across the monitoring system.
  • Utilising the technologies: Linux, SQL, Bloomberg, ServiceNow, TradeGate, Icap, Confluence and a range of internal applications.

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