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MThree's consultancy services are underpinned by our two-year fast-track graduate program, MThree Alumni, which offers a proven blueprint for global talent development. 

Carefully tailored to support your ongoing talent acquisition strategy, our 24-month program offers the perfect blend of speed, flexibility and precision to meet your business needs both today and in the future. 

Our Alumni Associates are carefully sourced based on their ability to meet your skills gaps, undertaking expert-led training by subject matter experts at our global training academies before being placed on-site within your teams. 

Ongoing pastoral care teams ensure ongoing personal and professional development, and at the end of the two-year program Alumni can either convert to a full-time employee with your business, or stay employed by MThree as an Alumni Pro Consultant. 

Key benefits of incorporating the MThree Graduate Alumni Program into your talent acquisition strategy:

  • Build a skilled workforce with leading graduates from top universities
  • Quickly address skill and capability gaps with graduates that are ready to deploy
  • Leverage a proven blueprint for graduate sourcing and development that can be scaled globally
  • Streamline and simplify candidate sourcing and training.

Our Alumni Pro tier of consultants also enables you to access mid-level experience, and also includes professionals with outside industry experience who want to move sector and those making a return to the workforce. 

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