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MThree Alumni helps business and technology teams drive change, grow sustainably and future proof their workforce.

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The backstory

Lots of the world’s biggest organisations want to bring on smart, engaged graduates in a tech, business or finance role, but need a hand  with the legwork. Similarly, lots of those grads need a hand figuring out how to turn their degree into a career. That’s where we come in. We bring the two together, plug the gaps, and support both sides long-term: from bespoke training to ongoing development and pastoral care.

Key benefits

  • A repeatable pipeline, all year round - We can source and train new cohorts whenever you need them.
  • Take control - You can choose which Alumni Associates to take on. Our experts  deliver tailored training so they’re valuable to you right from the start.  You help them shape their future with you, and they’re free to hire  when the placement ends.
  • Lean on us as a strategic partner - Not just recruitment, not just consultancy. We collaborate on  requirements and beyond to help you drive change, grow sustainably  and futureproof your workforce.
  • Stay connected - You’ll be introduced to relevant MThree specialists  at every stage of the process.
  • A lower-risk way to grow your teams - As a consultancy, we employ the Alumni Associates  throughout their placement.
  • Revive & diversify - Our juniors bring fresh ideas to the table and can free up your seniors  to focus on other priorities.
  • A reliable route to FTE - Over 94% of Alumni Associates stay in their placements for at least  12 months. After 24 months, 80% convert to full time employees or  progress to Alumni Pro.
  • No “locked in” catches - We work hard to make sure you and your graduate are a perfect  fit for each other, but we don’t force square pegs into round holes  (there’s no training bond).
  • Ongoing support - We organise learning plans, appraisals, pastoral care,  socials and upskilling events.
  • Fast, but not too fast (turnaround from 2 months) - We vet each individual then teach them intensively for 4-8 weeks at  MThree Academy.
  • Simple, transparent pricing - Prices are fixed for the entire placement and include all services  and expenses.

Taking care of the legwork upfront

We help you source and select the graduates  you need, when and where you need them.

Online talent sourcing
We target a range of high-traffic digital  channels for you, customised for success in  each geographic region.

University partnerships
Our relationships with leading institutions place us  strategically to capture smart, engaged graduates - now and in future, as students progress through  their degrees.

  • Employer-led workshops and skills sessions
  • “Employer in the foyer” pop-up stands and  careers fairs
  • Mentoring, work shadowing, in-house open days  at MThree HQ
  • In-lecture presentations
  • Industry insight sessions

Screening and assessment
You can rely on our rigorous combination of  psychometric, technical and competency-based  testing, including face to face interviews.

Training to help grads hit the ground running

MThree Academy
Our graduates undergo 4-8 weeks of full-time tailored  training in small classes at our office. It’s engineered to  supplement their degree and set them up for practical  success in their placement with you.

A new benchmark of training excellence
Our “been there done that” experts plan and deliver  bespoke modules to equip the Alumni Associates with the  tech skills and soft skills you need. They learn intensively  through a mix of lessons, coaching, assignments,  collaborative projects and online courses.

Some of our popular training areas are:

  • Anti-Financial  Crime (Operations and Technology)
  • Application  Development
  • Production Support
  • Data Science
  • DevOps
  • Business Analysis
  • Cyber & Information Security

Working towards your long-term hires

Ongoing training and development
To keep Alumni Associates engaged in their work with you, we  give them a guaranteed schedule of salary increases to reflect  performance. Their tailored development plan includes a full  self-directed Linkedin Learning licence, plus a schedule of  events run by MThree in person.

Performance reviews
Your dedicated Alumni Engagement Manager helps you run  appraisals every 6 months. We review all feedback to keep things  moving in the right direction and support you both as needed.

Your FTEs after the placement
You have the option to hire your Alumni Associate as a full-  time employee at no extra charge.

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