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We solve core problems with the standard managing consulting, systems integrator and recruiting processes by delivering trained consultants who can convert to permanent employees at no additional cost.

Alumni DevOps Associates have graduated from top colleges and universities with Computer Science and other STEM degrees. After completing a comprehensive training program with our DevOps SMEs, they join clients on site to expand their DevOps capability. At the end of the program, clients can convert Alumni to permanent employees at no cost.

Many of our clients use the MThree Alumni DevOps Academy as their main route for growing their teams, developing knowledge and hiring talent. They receive certified and qualified consultants from our Academy who integrate with the client teams over their two-year statements of work. Alumni receive continued guidance and support from Senior Consultants and many of our clients use our DevOps training capability as their main route for hiring future talent that will become their SME’s and leaders. Read our Alumni stories here.

DevOps Training includes hands-on experience solving problems with modern technologies such as AWS, Docker, Kubernetes, Terraform, Vault, Nomad, Consul, Jenkins, Ansible, Puppet, Chef and more, as well as accreditations and certifications along the way. Alumni also undergo our standard Applications Development and Infrastructure Operations courses prior to branching out to focus on DevOps associated tools and technologies.

The course initially reinforces software development skills and infrastructure operations knowledge, before moving towards detailed methodological and practical topics to enhance skills with DevOps processes, CI/CD, Configuration Management, Version Control, Cloud Infrastructure and Container Orchestration.

We understand that it takes time to become a DevOps subject matter expert, so we continue to offer certifications and further training once Alumni begin working onsite with our customers.

For graduates, this is the best route to becoming a DevOps consultant with a clear path from the Academy to working on site. Alumni Associates receive expert guidance from technical experts with decades of experience delivering real-world solutions. There is a big difference between writing code for yourself in a classroom and writing code that will last for the next 10 years, with dozens of other users contributing to the code over its lifetime. The same goes for systems architecture, engineering and administration. We create real-world scenarios with practical simulations which mean Alumni hit the ground running much faster than a direct hire graduate joining a team with no initial training.

Our Alumni Pro differ from our Alumni in that they come with 1-3 years hands-on experience. They also undergo internal training before deployment onto projects. Training content differs slightly in that it’s a shorter process due to pre-existing knowledge demonstrated before joining MThree’s DevOps Practice. Alumni Pro can also be hired directly, without cost, at certain timescales within the project.

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