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MThree are specialists in Cyber, Privacy Compliance & Information Security, helping clients to build and maintain confidence in their ability to secure information technology and assure compliance processes. With over 400 consultants deployed globally, we can identify the right resources for your needs.

Privacy and Data Protection (GDPR)

We can lead or support your organisation's overall EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliance programme, individual work streams, and / or ongoing data privacy activities. Visit our Privacy and Data Protection (GDPR) page for more information on the implications of GDPR and how MThree can help implement technology and business changes to ensure you are compliant.

Alumni Cyber Graduate Programme

We offer a distinct cyber graduate talent programme which helps to address the shortage of in-demand skills by providing an injection of fresh talent into your organisation's security teams. This helps enable a competitive cost basis for cyber and information security while improving performance. Visit our Alumni cyber graduate programme page for more detail on how our Alumni programme provides the next generation of cyber security professionals.

Security Strategy & Implementation

Whether your organisation needs assistance considering all aspects of your cyber & information security programme or particular areas of focus like digital transformation; security strategy is about defining what "good" security looks like, guiding next steps and long term delivery.

Identity & Access Management (IAM)

Whether systems are hosted on premise or in the cloud, MThree can help your organisation define and implement risk-based solutions to manage identity, authorisation, and entitlements for business applications and IT infrastructure.

Third Party Security

MThree can help your organisation ensure contracted third party vendor services meet organisational and regulatory requirements for cyber & information security, including security terms in contracts, risk assessments & assurance, and handling of data security breaches.

Application Security

MThree consultants can deliver application security risk assessments, design security checkpoints within the systems development life cycle, develop application security testing capabilities, or improve the performance of secure systems development through improved tool usage, skills development, training, and awareness.

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    Privacy and Data Protection (GDPR)

    GDPR is a new data privacy regulation adopted in 2016, the most significant and far-reaching of its kind, which applies in full from 25th May 2018. It asserts new and expanded privacy rights for over 500 million individuals in the EU. Non-complian...

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    Alumni cyber graduate programme

    Our Security Alumni Programme integrates high quality talent allowing you to upscale team sizes and develop in-house capabilities while retaining knowledge and expertise. Alumni are handpicked, trained and supported throughout the 2 year programme...

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