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Our Security Alumni Programme integrates high quality talent allowing you to upscale team sizes and develop in-house capabilities while retaining knowledge and expertise.

Alumni are handpicked, trained and supported throughout the 2 year programme by industry experts to enable organisations to fulfil their immediate strategic cyber security objectives and build high quality cost effective teams for the future. The Alumni Security Programme is partnered with and accredited by ISACA and the EC-Council.

Alumni Security Associates
  • MThree Alumni Security Analysts meet the constantly evolving requirements of Cyber Security, InfoSec, Risk and Audit, and understand key principles behind implementing effective Information Security Management Systems (ISMS).
  • Whether developing comprehensive red and blue team testing strategies to model a company’s current risk profile (As is), or implementing core remediation programmes to sharpen perimeter controls towards Future state (To Be) across all three lines of defence, MThree security analysts are well grounded to integrate seamlessly into your teams.
  • Best in class delegates undertake tailored training plans that ensure a solid security foundation, depending on the specifics of the roles they are needed for.
Training Overview
  • Three different security streams offer a broad range of security skillsets. 
  • Bespoke amendments to course modules allow you to custom-fit your candidate for the specific business challenges of your organisation.
  • The course provides access to the most up to date tools and methodologies, projects are used to challenge delegates and cement understanding.
  • Full training schedules are available upon request but all are baselined with EC Security Specialist Certifications.
  • More advanced security qualifications, such as the CISSP can be attained using Alumni PRO Associates.


Our Alumni Information Security Analysts are responsible for understanding how to develop and implement Information Security Management Systems (ISMS) in accordance with principles outlined in the ISO 27001:2013 framework. Consultants will have a good understanding of the key controls such as access control, operational security, network and data security, secure development practices, and third party security. Analysts are primed to work in a production or project security capacity and are ideal candidates for Identity Access or Secure Development teams. Delegates are offered a CISSP foundation module but certification options are only available for Alumni PRO candidates with sufficient experience.


Our Alumni Cyber Security Analyst’s primary role is to be responsible for understanding key Cyber Security principles so they can seamlessly integrate into red or blue team testing environments. They will understand common hacking tools and techniques, be familiar with use case analysis (UML) for threat modelling or simulations, and know how to use Blue Team Handbooks (CERT/CSIRT) for incident response management, or Red Team Field Manuals (RTFM) to facilitate attack scenarios. All Cyber Security Analysts undergo EC Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) training and complete an exam towards certification at the end of the 2-year programme.


Our Alumni Risk / Audit Analysts are trained to be risk and control specialists. They understand the basic principles of threat, vulnerability and risk analysis as well as how controls can be used to treat inherent and residual risk through formal risk management. Delegates will be exposed to COBIT 5 and similar Internal / Enterprise Wide Control Frameworks and understand the rationale behind the three lines of defence model. Delegates are offered a CISA foundation module but certification options are only available for Alumni PRO candidates with sufficient experience.

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