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We help organisations gain a strategic advantage in competitive markets by unlocking the true value of data.

Our Data Science Services support effective collection, analysis and dissemination of data, arming you with actionable insights that will guide you toward more assured decisions and better results.

Our 5 data science tiers

  1   |   Understand your data challenge 

We begin all data science project by gathering your requirements and building a business case, before identifying the most effective data science technologies and methods for your needs. To do this, we undertake:

  • Engagement with internal stakeholders to gather project requirements
  • Data collection and aggregation
  • Data scrubbing/cleaning
  • Data mining to uncover new information from existing data sets, identifying patterns and trends.
 2   |   Determine data architecture
  • Depending on your existing infrastructure, we can create design paths following LAMP, WAMP, MEAN or your own predefined models
  • Install, test and maintain data management systems
  • Implement, develop and enhance frameworks and toolsets used to provide data-driven solutions
  • Ensure systems meet business requirements and industry practices
  • Identify target architecture.
 3   |   Utilise machine learning/advanced analytics
  • Using tools such as Python/Spark/Hive/R/Mahout
  • Model building using  Bayesian methods for advanced computational analytics, experimental design, regression modelling, and data transformation
  • Extracting meaning from data with proven algorithms.
 4   |   Visualise data
  • Deploy applications such as Tableau and QlikView that utilise in-memory processing to build dashboards of datasets
  • Provide meaningful insight into patterns and trends
  • Guide decisions which lead to better results.
 5   |   Provide business insights
  • Support the business to make decisions efficiently
  • Creating data products and one-off reports to act as proof of concepts
  • Report design and prescriptive analytics for recurrent business analysis.

Data Science Alumni Graduate Stream

In addition to our senior consultancy service, we also run a data science specialist stream as part of our Graduate Program.

Our Alumni data science analysts and engineer associates receive specialist training before being deployed on-site, and come from a quantitative financial, maths or science educational background.

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    Data Science Alumni Graduate Programme

    Our Data Science services optimise business processes by analysing and visualising data collected from multiple sources across existing architecture. Our consultants undertake projects to create mathematical models and utilise advanced analytics t...

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