Data Science Alumni Graduate Programme



Our Data Science services optimise business processes by analysing and visualising data collected from multiple sources across existing architecture. Our consultants undertake projects to create mathematical models and utilise advanced analytics to provide you with better insights, decisions, and outcomes.

Alumni Data Science Associates

Our Alumni Data Science Analysts and Engineer Associates help Data Analytic teams face the various Data challenges and undertake a bespoke training plan to support their development down a technical or analysis focused stream.

The analysis stream will focus on the application of relevant technologies and frameworks to address business challenges, while the technical stream will deliver in areas such as Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.


Our Alumni Data Science Analyst’s primary role is to understand how Data Science and Advanced Analytics can be used to optimise business processes and decisions. They utilise a variety of applications, such as Tableau and QlikView, to build visual dashboards of datasets which offer meaningful insight into patterns and trends, and guide decisions which lead to better results.

The Alumni training builds upon their strong understanding of the business environment, and supports their development in creating new or enhanced components and frameworks of the data science stack.


Our Alumni Data Science Engineers design, install, test and maintain data management systems which provide data for Data Science Analysts to analyse and build upon. They are responsible for the implementation, development and enhancement of frameworks and toolsets used to provide data-driven solutions and ensure systems meet business requirements and industry practices.

The Engineer will undertake a training plan in areas of mathematics and statistics as well as technologies such as Python / Hadoop / Spark that will support their development in Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Advanced Analytics and Data Visualisation.

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