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At MThree we help businesses achieve a competitive edge by supporting the transition to a DevOps-based approach with a trusted four-step methodology.

With extensive hands-on knowledge working on major technology implementations, we help transform your technology environment, improve collaboration and drive productivity with DevOps.

1) DevOps assessment

Working closely with your stakeholders, we take a technical deep dive to assess your organisation's culture, infrastructure, architecture and processes. We then use this to determine next steps, whether that's delivering a full statement of work or offering guidance on how you can complete the work using internal resource. 

Whether you're considering embarking on a DevOps journey or have already reached milestones but require specific project support, we expect significant improvements across your metrics during our engagement. These include:

  • Deployment frequency
  • Number of deployments
  • Mean time to detection
  • Mean time to recovery
  • Change failure rate
  • Service availability
  • Application usage and performance.

2) DevOps transformation

This is an all-encompassing, end-to-end DevOps transformation across your people, processes and technology.

Broken down into statements of work with clear strategic goals, these transformation programs leverage our skilled DevOps team, which includes consultants at all levels along with MThree Alumni and Alumni Pro Consultants.

We implement processes such as:

  • Continuous integration, deployment and improvement
  • Automated testing
  • Monitoring
  • Software configuration management
  • Version control
  • Cloud computing
  • Container orchestration.

Key benefits of DevOps transformation include improved collaboration between teams, shared responsibility, breakdown of organisational silos and automation of workflows.

3) DevOps tools implementations and cloud migrations

Working with your current applications and infrastructure, we determine the most effective solution to achieve your transformational goals. In some cases our customers already know which tools they want to implement and use our expertise to complete the work, and in others we design and implement the entire technology stack.

Some of the tools and technologies we work with include:

  • AWS, Azure, Google Cloud Platform, OpenShift, Cloud Foundry
  • Docker, Kubernetes, Mesosphere, Rancher
  • Hashicorp Suite including Terraform, Vault, Consul, Vagrant and Packer
  • Jenkins, Bamboo, TravisCI, CircleCI
  • Chef, Puppet, Ansible, Saltstack
  • GIT, GitHub, Subversion (SVN), Bitbucket.

4) Integrated project teams

Scale your existing teams with our qualified personnel and deploy senior-level DevOps engineers, architects and managers. As part of our Alumni Graduate Program, we also offer: 

Alumni DevOps

Carefully sourced from top universities, our Alumni Associates complete a comprehensive training program in DevOps at one of our acadamies before directly joining your on-site teams. At the end of the program, you can convert our Alumni to permanent employees at no additional cost.

Alumni Pro DevOps

Our Alumni Pro Associates also undergo internal training before deployment onto projects, but have 1-3 years' hands-on industry experience. Alumni Pro can also be hired directly to become permanent members of staff at the end of their tenure on your project.

Our DevOps training initially reinforces software development skills and infrastructure operations knowledge, before progressing to detailed methodological and practical topics to enhance skills with DevOps processes, CI/CD, configuration management, version control, cloud infrastructure and container orchestration.



​​For more information about MThree's DevOps Services, please contact our Head of DevOps Practice, Conor Delanbanque, at our New York office. 

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