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From the battleground to the boardroom, veterans have developed skills in the military that are vital for your teams’ success. However, they often don’t  know how to leverage their existing skills to transition into civilian careers within a modern corporate environment. That’s where we come in with training & continuous support. 

We bring the two together, plug the gaps, and support both sides long-term to help you build teams with the skills you need.

  • Sourcing - We source veterans from 5 military branches.
  • Training - We train them in the tech skills you need.
  • Supporting - MThree Veteran Link offers support throughout.
  • Harnessing - Harness vital skills they’ve developed in the military.
  • Upscaling - You can upscale team sizes with minimal fuss, all year round.
  • Diversifying - Diversify your teams with new talent that brings new ideas.
  • Retaining - Vets are employed by MThree during their two year placement.
  • Employing - You can develop and retain your in-house capabilities.

How does it work?

MThree Veteran Program is a two year program that allows you to quickly integrate trained ex-military personnel into your business and technology teams.

1. Sourcing - We source veterans from all five military branches to help you hire the veterans you need. 

2. Training - Veterans undergo 4-8 weeks of full-time tailored training at MThree Academy. It’s engineered to build on their existing skill set and set them up for practical success in their placement with you. 

3. Deploying - MThree Veteran Associates begin their two year placement with you. You have the option to hire them as a full-time employee after the placement at no extra charge.

Supporting throughout
MThree Veteran Link provides support to new joiners from a colleague who has been in their shoes. Our vets  are paired with an existing MThree Veteran Associate who helps them through our assessment process, their training, and the first three months on site. This ensures our vets hit the ground running.

Why hire veterans?

Veterans bring a vast range of skills and expertise developed throughout their military careers:

  • Strategic thinking
  • Leadership skills
  • Strong work ethic
  • Structured approach to planning & organisation
  • Ability to perform under pressure
  • Triumph over adversity
  • Respect for processes and procedures

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