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A familiar story for many, following budget 'readjustment' our client needed to deliver the same Change Portfiolio programme, but with lower overall spend.  This meant the client having to go back to the drawing board in terms of how to resource the programme.. 


We understood the reality of the client challenge and set about assessing how we could help delivery the programme within the revised budget, without introducing any risk factors. We reviewed the programme as a whole and sought out areas in which we could provide the similar output at a much reduced cost. 

What We Did

Initially we deployed a larger team that had a lower seniority/experience level than traditional onsite consultancy teams. Senior consultants within the team were tasked with upskilling the rest of the team, including client FTE's. At appropriate junctures some of the senior consultants were able to roll off the programme, significantly reducing the overall blended rate. The remaining senior resources continued to manage and drive delivery and provide go-to expertise, whilst the junior-mid level team members delivered reliable, timely output. The team were made up of Business Analysts (Risk Analytics) and Programmers (Java, .NET). 


We provided a significant cost saving to the client. Mthree we commended for our approach and were seen as offering the best output/cost ratio in a global programme that engaged the services of multiple vendors. 

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