MThree solution to niche skill shortage



Our client faced the challenge of a lack of niche technical skills from it's internal resources engaged in a Stability and Capacity Programme. This issue was compounded by a 'closed off' local market.


Through gaining thorough understanding of the programme of work and with a knowledge of similar tooling pieces across the industry Mthree were able to consider alternative options to traditional go to market techniques for niche skills. 

What We Did

We established a bespoke team of Plant Engineering Consultants selected for their understanding of similar tool sets. The team were rapidly able to get up to speed by utilising technical understanding from prior projects and quickly adapted to niche tools utilised by the client. 


The team has built upon existing editing monitoring solutions by identifying areas where there was insufficient or poorly configured monitoring . In addition, root cause analysis was performed on high volume alerts - in conjunction with development teams sustainable solutions were applied, thus reducing reactive workload on the support team. 

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