Specialist Consultant mobilisation



Our client required Asset Control expertise to support their change the bank initiatives in Africa. This skill was not available in the local market. As the client needed the Mthree team to stand alone whilst gaining a deep understanding of the AC installation. 


We explored the options of mobilising existing resources from the Mthree group. 

What We Did

We mobilised Mthree Asia consultants from  to 'bring in' the expertise required to deliver the programme of work.  This necessitated that we negotiate a path through complex visa and employment barriers. We were able to deploy a small team of SME's supported by a junior level consultant, instantly adding the knowledge and expertise required with no extra burden placed on client. 


The team have proven to be invaluable for the projects they’ve delivered to, which have included Credit Risk work and strategic projects. As importantly they have been able to raise the level of product knowledge locally creating a sustainable model for the client. 

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